Learn to mix, scratch and produce music on industry standard equipment, using cdjs, vinyl, logic, ableton and reason.


I Wanna Dj can show you how to:

Setup and operate the equipment. 

Break music down into its different elements. 

Train your ears to differentiate between two tracks playing at the same time. 

Mix tracks seamlessly together. 

Scratch vinyl and cds to create original musical patterns to enrich your performance. (Scratching will improve your coordination enabling you to eventually move hands at different speeds to one another). 

Get started with Beat Juggling. 

Record your own mixes. 

Start producing your own music. 

Program beats/soundscapes/fx. 

Record vocals/live instruments/synths. 

Mixdown your productions. 

Approach music making in different creative ways. 

All these skills will give you the confidence to play live!!! 

Our courses and lessons are one on one private tuition, so you get sole access to all the industry standard equipment and you learn much faster! This can save you a lot of money compared to other courses! 

Beginners welcome!!! Children and Adults!!! 

Please call to check availability: 

Tel : 07817 493 327